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Passion for protecting your interests. Proven value creation.

Corporate Overview

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Garver Development Group LLC is keenly focused on protecting our partners’ interests and driving value creation through our hard work. We stand in the Owner’s shoes as its advocate, with fealty to no one else. Specifically, our role can include:

  • Joint Venture Developer
  • Fee Developer
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Owner’s Rep
  • Owner’s Project Manager


Garver is a  real estate services company that provides, either directly or through strategic partnerships, any assistance needed for a building or development project.

Our deepest experience includes these project types:

  • Multi-Family and Senior Housing
  • Self-Storage
  • Adaptive Re-use
  • Corporate Headquarters Relocation


Our seasoned staff uses a unique set of skills and tools to create value as we:

  • Assemble the best team available based on the project type and location
  • “Tap the wisdom in the room” through facilitation
  • Guide the project by its goals and best practices rather than who has the loudest voice
  • Speak the language of the many specialists involved in projects today, from engineers to lawyers to building code officials
  • Ensure that the focus on technical issues remains in service of the project’s goals, by breaking through the “silos” in which specialists are typically housed; this often leads to solutions that would not otherwise be seen
  • Quickly analyze what needs to be done
  • Think outside the box and apply our passion for problem solving
  • Be hard on the issues and soft on people