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Development Services

  • Feasibility Analysis
    • Allow for informed decision making, by studying options for the proposed program, attributes of the site, cost to execute, incentives and the market
  • Site Selection
    • Utilize local, regional and national networks to find a site that will complement the program
  • Green Development Strategies
    • Seek to optimize the benefit of strategies from both an environmental and economic standpoint. Important to incorporate these from the start, we are able to guide teams towards promising strategies and discourage pursuit of those that would waste time and fees
  • Consultant Team Selection and Management
    • Critical to the success of any project is the team that will execute the development. We use our decades of experience to assemble the right skills represented by individuals that will work together for the betterment of the project.
  • Funding and Finance Guidance and Support
    • Explore available sources of funding including local, state and federal incentive programs; confirm that the timing of funding is consistent with the desired pace of the project. Experienced with historic tax credits, bond financing, low income housing tax credits and other assorted incentives and vehicles.
  • Project Scope, Budget and Schedule
    • Consistent monitoring of the scope, budget and schedule to optimize opportunities for a result that: all stakeholders are delighted with, the owner can afford and is completed when planned.
  • Design Phase Management and Integration of Green Strategies
    • Bring to bear the Owner’s perspective, (building on 13 years of experience as an owner), together with over 12 years of architectural practice and work on over 30 green projects to creatively realize solutions that are beautiful, fiscally responsible, and green.
  • Contractor Bidding and Selection
    • Pre-qualify the best contractors for the job, ensure that bids address a consistent scope of work, negotiate contracts.
  • Construction Phase Management
    • Starting as soon as planning does; early analysis and consistent, proactive communication reduces risk during construction; monitor progress and contractor payments.
  • Property Marketing and Leasing
    • The most beautiful project is a fully leased project, so we work hard with other team members to maximize opportunities to promote and obtain tenants for the project. This includes early consideration of marketing campaigns, and regular progress updates with listing brokers.
  • Asset Management
    • Based on over twenty years of experience in the industry on behalf of long term owners, we provide the oversight of leasing, property management and capital expenditures, in order to maintain happy tenants in well maintained assets.