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Owner’s Representative Services

  • Project Governance and Mission, Including Green Goals
    • Establish both a clear path of communication between the owner’s organization and the development team, and expected outcomes so that success can be measured
  • Site Selection and Procurement Strategies/ Implementation
    • Identify criteria for site selection, monitor deal activity
  • Funding and Finance Guidance and Support
    • Explore available sources of funding including local, state and federal incentive programs; confirm that the timing of funding is consistent with the desired pace of the project
  • Preconstruction Planning, Bidding, Team Selection and Award Management
    • Evaluate strategies that will work best for the Owner, develop criteria for team, interview teams and participate in selection
  • Project Scope, Budget and Schedule
    • Consistent monitoring of the scope, budget and schedule to optimize opportunities for a result that: all stakeholders are delighted with, the owner can afford and is completed when planned
  • Design Phase Management and Integration of Green Strategies
    • Bring to bear the Owner’s perspective, (building on 13 years of experience as an owner), together with over 12 years of architectural practice and work on over 30 green projects to creatively realize solutions that are beautiful, fiscally responsible, and green.
  • Contractor Bidding and Selection
    • Pre-qualify the best contractors for the job, ensure that bids address a consistent scope of work, negotiate contracts
  • Construction Phase Management
    • Starting as soon as planning does; early analysis and consistent, proactive communication reduces risk during construction; monitor progress and contractor payments
  • Operations and Maintenance Planning
    • As with construction, this work should be part of the project from the outset to see that the Owner will have success with O&M of the new or newly renovated facility
  • Owner Move-In and Close-Out Planning and Coordination
    • Of critical importance to the building’s users, we provide a plan for a seamless transition from existing space to new