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Passion for protecting your interests. Proven value creation.

707 Caton Avenue


Our Role
Developer & Joint Venture Owner

  • In partnership with the site’s long-time owner, for whom the property became surplus, Garver initiated this project by analyzing the market
  • Served as Developer for the partnership for this 92,000 square foot 738 unit new self-storage facility

Protecting Interests

  • Oversaw all entitlements, financing, design & construction, schedule and budget
  • Negotiated contract with ExtraSpace to provide third-party management

Value Creation

  • Delivered project on time and significantly under budget
  • Saved over $500K in construction costs by throwing out bids and re-bidding twice in a chaotic bidding environment, impacted by an overtaxed industry and cost escalation
  • Obtained Enterprise Zone designation with its significant property tax abatement
  • Achieved acceptance into the BGE SEED program, with its deep discounts to required BGE work and reduced energy costs for the life of the business