Class Produce Group

  • Assisted a produce wholesaler, which wanted to start a new line of business, with the real estate/construction issues associated with such a move.

OUR ROLE: Owner’s Representative

PROJECT TYPE: Self Storage

Protecting Interests

  • Garver helped analyze the water/ sewer needs, and brokered meetings with the appropriate County officials to achieve required approvals.
  • Assessed the overall construction process that had been recommended by the design team. Proffered another delivery mode, of negotiating a fee with a construction manager. Organized and assisted with the interview and selection process.

Value Creation

  • The permits were available when required for the construction sequence.
  • The construction manager selected provided a talented team that effectively built out the space on a tight schedule.

Client Response

Garver Development was a big help getting our manufacturing plant development project off the ground. While we’re really good at the produce business, we are less familiar with how to get permits, how to manage a design team, or even the most effective way to approach the construction. Peter Garver is a businessman who is very skilled with all aspects of the development process. He understands the value of relationships, which he uses effectively, whether to navigate through a bureaucracy or to maximize the benefit of members of a team. We would recommend Garver to other manufacturers who have real estate issues.

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